Jade & Rose Quartz Bracelet


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8mm faceted Jace stretch bracelet with Rose Quartz and rose gold plated accents.

Jade: For Clarity, Calm & Wards off Negative Energy.

Protective of negative energy and thoughts. Eliminates distractions and directs energy towards gaining full advantage of any situation.

Rose Quartz: The LOVE stone

How to Use

Care Instructions: Do not overstretch bracelets. Roll bracelet over your hand with your thumb tucked in to minimize stretching. Do not wear bracelets in the shower. Excessive exposure to water and harsh cleaners can damage stones and deteriorate the elastic string.

Please note that my jewelry is made with LOVE, but since gemstones and wood are natural elements that come from the earth, there can be small variations in their colour, shape, etc. Please note that real colours may vary slightly from their appearance on your screen. Made with LOVE

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