Wild Nurturer Hand-poured Soy Based Candles | 100% Natural Oils | Crystals & Flowers

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Created with intention, and connection, and to pair with other products in our shop. Each candle is in an Amber Jar, with a labeled lid, a sprinkle of herbs & an anointing crystal.

Surya: nag champa incense, amber, mandarin, grapefruit topped with chrysanthemum petals, yellow quartz (gorgeous, bright, fruity blend)

Tropical Rain: coconut milk, Tonka, hibiscus, green leaves topped with rose petals, lily petals, & aventurine (soft tropical aroma, balanced and refreshing)

Mama Gaia: magnolia, peony, geranium, Basil, Mint, citrus topped with tigers eye, aventurine, & apatite crystals (delicious and soothing light fruity floral.)

House Blessing: A space cleanser & herbaceous. white sage, lavender, cedarwood aroma topped with clear quartz chips, lavender petals, & pink salt (gentle & calming)

Custom hand-poured

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