H.O.P.E Aromatic Blend | Optimism Blend | AromaSpirit Blend | Diffuser



Everyone needs a little hope.

H.O.P.E stands for healing, optimistic, positive, envision. The hope blend is created from oils to support all of this! To be used anywhere you feel you need an uplifting attitude change, and mind support.

How to Use

Uses: For use in prayer, meditation, and all mood and spirit-lifting activities.

4-6 drops in a diffuser


Aroma: Soft floral & oriental, smoothly exotic, & soothing citrus

Boost your mood and banish negative thoughts with H.O.P.E Aromatic Blend. This unique combination of soft florals and soothing citrus will uplift and heal, while promoting optimism and positivity. Let the scents of lavender, jasmine, sweet orange, and cardamon envelop you and envision a brighter outlook. Say goodbye to those dark corners of your mind. Diffuse and embrace the power of H.O.P.E!

Essential oils in this blend:
100% Orangic Essential oils of Cardamom to assist with challenges, clary sage to tell us all will be resolved, sweet orange to inspire joy, jasmine to nourish the desires of your heart, and lavender to soothe.