Jennifer Langsdale, Owner

Meet Jennifer, Your Wild Nurturer Aromatherapist

Did you know that there is a Master’s Degree in Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Research? Most people don’t, my past-self included. But as a holistic health practitioner and certified yoga therapist, once I started my journey into the therapeutic power of essential oils, I was compelled to learn more. 
This led me on the path to attending an accredited college that specialized in Essential Oil Research and Aromatherapy Science. From formulations to emulsions, chemistry to pharmokinetics, I learned how much technical knowledge is truly needed to use aromatherapy effectively for healing, and why so many products on the market today aren’t living up to their hype. I became committed to creating products that would demonstrate what aromatherapy, when used correctly, could do for people.
At Wild Nurturer, our approach to aromatherapy for health is probably different than what you’re used to, in the best way possible! Many aromatherapy brands out there today tout sustainable sourcing, ethical labor practices, and organic or pesticide-free essential oils— and those are integral parts of our business too. 
But what sets Wild Nurturer apart is our commitment to the care and quality of these oils until they get to you. 
  • Therapeutic Potency-- We maintain strict handling standards to maximize the oils’ efficacy and reduce oxidation. 
  • Hand-Crafted to Order-- We only product our blends in small batches to ensure freshness, often times blending and shipping orders without hours of receiving them. 
  • Personalized Service-- We are committed to addressing your specific needs and blending to a dilution that is most appropriate for your age and health needs. 


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