Mistletoe & Magic Yuletide Aromatic Blend | Air Freshener | Linen Spray | Diffuser Blend | Holiday Aromatherapy

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Heaven & Earth's classic signature Yuletide blend for your holidays.

Deck the halls with this classic holiday blend to purify the air and lift you and your guests' spirits! This blend has all the essence of the Yule holiday, including Bay for wisdom in your new year, Cinnamon for prosperity, and Sweet Orange for happiness.

How to Use

Recommended Uses: This blend is not intended to be used on the skin. A great room deodorizer or used to purify the air from germs. Spray on linens, or use to freshen up rooms in your home or office, and even use them in the car! 4-6 drops in the diffuser in 100ml of water are all you need!


Aroma: Warm Spice, Sweet Citrus, Clean Evergreen

Essential Oils: Bay, Cinnamon, Sweet Orange, Pine, Cardamom