Simply Salts Collection | Bath & Shower Scrubs | Natural Salts | Pink Bolivian Salts | Organic Bath

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When I am designing a product, many times it is because it is a product I want to use. I am a lazy connoisseur of the ritual of the bath. I want my products in the tub to be fresh, organic, but fast! A lot of times I find myself grabbing the olive oil out of the kitchen and dumping in a few drops of essential oil that I have close by. Coming from a professional aromatherapist, you are probably thinking, what?? Well this collection of bath oils & salts came out of the inspiration for quick, simple, effective moments you can catch in the tub. Dress it up with some candles and tunes or just dump and relax...

These salts come in the BIG Amber Glass 8oz jar, so you can use a little or a lot!

How to Use

Pour as much as you like into the tub up to around a 1/2 cup. Use 1/8-1/4 cup of salt to 1 teaspoon of oil (like olive) to create a shower scrub.


Salt base: White Epsom Salts & Organic Pink Bolivian Salt plus essential oil combonition