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Curb those unnecessary cravings with a blend of citrus and spice that creates a calming, focusing, and stress-relieving effect. These essential oils have been chosen to help you maintain focus & reduce the blues.

How to Use

Recommended Uses: Roll-on pulse points or use in 4-6 drops in 100ml of water in a diffuser or use a personal inhaler to carry with you as you go!


Take an aroma snack break with our clean and juicy Citrus Blend. Satisfy your cravings with the help of grapefruit, black pepper, mandarin, and mint. Stay focused and curb your appetite with Appetite Relief.

Essential Oils: 100% Organic - Red Mandarin, Black Pepper, Grapefruit, Peppermint
Tangerine - not organic

Roller-ball may contain a blend of Olive, Apricot Kernal & Sunflower oils depending on availability.