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Visualize, Dream, Look Beyond...

Divination, the practice of determining the hidden significance or cause of events, sometimes foretelling the future, by various natural, psychological, and other techniques... (Encylopedia Brittanica)

How to Use

Inspiration: Created for the aromaspirit user, a universal meditation & visualization blend to help open your third eye, and give a boost to your psychic practices. Plus, it smells great!

Recommended Use Diffuser blend 4-6 drops in 100ml of water.


Aroma: Herbaceous, Resin, Woods, Balsamic, Fresh

Essential oils in this blend: 100% Orangic/Pesticide Free Essential oils of Lavender, Myrrh, Fir Needle, Bay, Cedarwood, Rosemary

Essential Oil Symbolism: Healing, Protection, Vision, Prophecy, and nurturing the Wounded Healer.

Product Attributes